12 Tips for Launching a New Website Infographic


(Editor’s Note:  This guest article about website design by JGD Holdings)

Whether you’re launching your first website or are a veteran, it’s always thrilling to hit the publish button.  You want to publish a web site, but are you actually ready to do so?

Before you publish, there are a few significant launch steps you must do to help ensure web site success.

This informative infographic includes an easy-to-follow tips and steps you you should complete before publishing your site. This list caters toward WP websites, but it is also useful for non-WordPress sites.

On the plus side, these tips aren’t terribly technical as there aren’t many technical actions you must to do, but it’s imperative that you give your web site all the chances it needs to succeed in the long-term. The 12 actions on this list are the essential steps you ought to take.

For example, and this example may come across as apparent to you, your website can have excellent on-site search engine optimization at the time of pre-launch. This is somewhat technical and in part requires keyword research so that your web site is optimized. If you are unsure about how to implement proper on-site SEO, there’s all types of detailed information offered online for no cost on how to do this.

Set your website up to be successful from the beginning by completing these easy 12 steps before you hit the publish button.

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