How I learned what I didn’t know I already knew about #Facebook from @HotLou by @LinkedInDiva

The question in the crowded room was “Why is Hot Lou called ‘Hot Lou’?” …until he opened his mouth and started describing how he (with a college degree in computer science and math) made thousands of Facebook pages incredibly successful through learning how to engage people and then scale.

Yes, ‘Hot Lou’ is the mastermind behind the first ecommerce page on Facebook (1-800-Flowers); creator of the Ultimate Frizbee page with 150,000 fans (most in the US and the country of Columbia); and, manager of the immensely popular Twig the Fairy page with more than 271,000 likes. (Twig is actually a human dressed as a fairy who works regional Renaissance fairs around the country. But now she’s got her own product line inspired by the popularity of her Facebook posts!)

What I discovered what I already knew about Facebook, as Lou shared his insights and inspired us with stories of his success was simple:

Challenges make us extraordinary twig the fairy cs lewis

Authentic Engagement.

Wow.  I knew that. But I finally understood the look I get from people when I explain how to make the technology that is LinkedIn and Twitter fade away to reveal the real people on the other side of their computer screens!

Not that I haven’t been engaging authentically on Facebook – but only as myself: Lori Ruff, The LinkedIn Diva who met my friends for real; not Lori Ruff, The Social Media Marketing Maven of all things social.

For the first time, there stood a man who helped me understand how to engage with the people I didn’t know and hadn’t met and he even made clear to me how to make it scale and to find opportunity in the engagement!

Granted, all of this insight is taking place at BlitzMetrics’ week long #BlitzU training on Facebook and social media marketing strategies and technologies. I’ve known how brilliant founder and CTO, Dennis Yu is since the moment I first sat in his seminar at the Integrated Marketing Summit in the Fall of 2009. I’ve respected him and tried to find a way to trade knowledge and insights with him since we met.

He’s brilliant enough too to recognize pure talent when he sees it, whether it comes in the form of Hot Lou, or Alex Houg, whom (at 20) he promoted to CEO of BlitzMetrics after first hiring him as VP of Optimization. Now that’s some serious talent!

And I continue to be impressed with every person I meet on their team of Unterns (a revolutionary on-the-job training program that provides a model for successful transition for students from education to career… according to a video interview with Tim McDonald, formerly the Community Manager at Huffington Post).



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