Facebook User ID? What's yours? Here's how to find it!

I know, you want to find your Facebook User ID too; that’s why you clicked through to read this post, right?

For me, it began last night. I read a post  “The First 25 People On Facebook”. It was pretty interesting to see who the first 25 people are on Facebook and what they’re doing now. As humans, we’re always curious about other people. Perhaps more when we haven’t figured out our own path. I rarely read these but last night… well last night I was seriously in the mood for a brain break!

And I found some of the people interesting, it’s cool to see if people “made it” or not, right? Especially when we all might have different definitions of what it means to “make it.”

At the end of the post is a video titled “In case that was too many words”… OK, I had to watch! I mean, I had to see if it just repeated the written article or just shared the highlights and perhaps provided some additional benefit for watching.

Why else would someone read AND watch the video?

Here’s the fun fact I learned:

Lori Ruff's Facebok User ID

I joined Facebook (I don’t know what Facebook User ID correlated to what year you joined, but you can find it on your timeline) when you had to have a .edu address. I was a non-traditional student at Pfeiffer University, outside of Albemarle, NC (not too far from Charlotte) and my sister was a Master’s Degree Candidate at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA. Because of Facebook, we talked more while we were in school than any other period of our lives since we had grownup and left for college! So we got started pretty early.  Yet there were 170,000,932 people in front of me! That was massive growth no matter when you launch a social network.  It reminds me of the Life Cereal Commercial with Mikey… if the college students love it, so will everyone else.  There’s not better place to find youthful enthusiasm and a willingness to try new things!

What’s your Facebook User ID?

(Note: if you didn’t see it, look at the image again… that’s right! Look at the URL and you’ll see how to find Your Facebook User ID: “http://graph.facebook.com/your user url here”


    • stickmangames247 says

      yes.. there is. If you want to add facebook comments on your website, you need to know this id if you moderate them

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