4 Twitter Strategies to Tweet like a Bird; not a Robot by @seansullivan110

This post will share 4 Twitter Strategies to Tweet like a Bird; not a Robot. Over the past month, I found new ways to engage with people online. I have taken a personal challenge to  creatively implement and execute a strategies on my social media profiles. I do not want to bore you with talking about social media’s importance or about what you can do with ALL the social media sites. The fact is social media sites are changing all the time. This post’s purpose will shine light on some good tips for Twitter. Enjoy!

The last month, I have implemented some Twitter strategies for clients and started to work my way back to my own company. I found talking to people on Twitter has been more effective than blasting out articles. I know. I know. We do not have the time to engage 24/7. I found some quick tips to still post valuable information, engage with great people and still have time to enjoy life.

Do not be a robot

People get so consumed with the next new marketing technology, they forget about their audience. Last week I had a short meeting with a fellow professional. This individual wanted to know how best to use Hootsuite. I said to her, “Why are you so concerned with Hootsuite? It is only a distribution tool. You are not ENGAGING with anyone. I know I do not want to share like a robot. “If you are on any social media site, do not be a robot. When you are Twitter, do not be a robot.”

Write that down. Plug into your memory. As we dove further in the conversation, I started talking about each social media site. I am pro-Twitter (if that is even a word). People engage on Twitter based on what they like and who they follow. Twitter tracks engagement and hashtags.

Proper Hashtag Use

I cannot count how many times people use long, unnecessary hashtags. They serve no purpose unless you want to confuse people. Or you want to start a trend. You are not a trendsetter unless you have a following. You cannot have a following unless you are purposeful with your posts and do not act like a robot. You see, I am big on not acting like a robot. Have a plan and use hashtags.

Create Hashtag Campaigns

Once you make a plan, make Twitter lists. Have fun with the Twitter lists that compliment the people in the list. Do not be boring and put “Denver Marketing professionals”. Be fun. Put “Rockstar Marketing Pros”. Follow what your lists are saying. Use third party tools and hashtag tools to find what people are talking about. Join in on the conversations!

Use Common Sense

I know common sense is kind of a cop-out term. But for this purpose, I think it is fitting. You do not need to buy ALL the Twitter tools out there. Do your research and find what best fits your needs and budget. When you engage people, use common sense. In my conversation with this particular professional, I asked her what times she believed she should post. She mentioned, “I think I should post at 7am, lunch and 5pm”. My response was “you might want to reconsider your answer.”

Think about your daily work routine. When do you go to work? When is your lunch time? When do you get home? Post to Twitter when you feel your audience will see your posts. Think about when you go on social media. Put yourself in your audience’s shoes. Also, do not forget time zones!

Using social media should not be scary. Here’s a bonus: plan before you jump into anything. “Completely” try out strategies, measure your results against your objectives and test, test, test before you give up.

Remember to think like your audience. Write that down! I hope this post gave you some good insights to social media and Twitter!

What Twitter strategies have you seen to be a success?

What Twitter challenges have you experienced?

Leave a note in the comments below… let’s have a conversation!

Photo credit: Garrett Heath (Flickr, Creative Commons)


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