The LinkedIn Profile Video

The LinkedIn profile video tells people about you and it appears in the summary of your LinkedIn profile. It greets people like your LinkedIn profile summary does in text, but it does it in a way that people REALLY feel as though they know you.

This video is part of a special 3-session ($500) LinkedIn coaching program by Mike O’Neil. The base program uses this standard set of questions and each answer is about two or three sentences. Several takes are done on each as necessary under Mike’s direction.

The questions (slides) and answers (videos) are then stitched together into a produced video with these intermediate slides. This profile video service is available in Minnesota by Mike O’Neil and in Colorado by Bruce Barr (call 720-897-8254 for details). 

The Final Product

This is the final product. Below the video you can see the Question and Answer text that is spoken and the intermediate slide in a side by side arrangement just like in the video. Picture yourself here, doing a similar video, under the direction of Mike O’Neil. This video is shot, edited and put on your profile in the same day.

Studio Tour

Standardized Video Format Makes It Easy & Inexpensive

To effectively provide a video as part of the 3-session LinkedIn package it needs to be standardized. The standards are high and we are always improving them. The video will be about 3 minutes long. Here are the standardized questions. You can choose to skip some if you like.

Slide031. Who are you and where/how did you grown up (pre-college)?

I’m Mike O’Neil, The LinkedIn Rockstar, and I’m a 2-time Forbes Top 50 Social Media Power Influencer. I grew up in Minnesota. I spent the last 20 years in Denver and I’m now back in the land of 10,000 lakes.


Slide042. How did you get into the business you’re in?

I started as an Industrial engineer, became a network engineer then a sales engineer and finally a LinkedIn consultant, coach and trainer. I got my first computer, an IBM PC, back in 1982 and it changed my life. 


Slide053. What do you offer and to who?

I do LinkedIn and social media coaching for select individuals as well as complete LinkedIn-centered social selling programs with workshops and webinars for companies and professional associations.


Slide064. What makes you special?

I’ve been coaching and training on LinkedIn for a decade and now I enjoy helping technology sales teams. As a former peer, I deeply understand their super-busy work environment and I really get through to them.


Slide075. What do you enjoy doing on the personal side?

For fun, I’m into outdoor concerts, classic cars, cool technology and sandy beaches and I don’t think any of it is really mutually exclusive. Many of my closest friends are actually from business in some way, shape or form.


Slide096. How do they best find you or reach out to you?

Find me on LinkedIn, call me or email me as you see here. You can get to ALL my links at



Optionally, Utilize Custom Questions