Integrated Alliances FAQ

Integrated Alliances FAQIn this Integrated Alliances FAQ we answer some of the questions we get asked most often. If you have other questions, please reach out to us at 720-897-8254 or

What is the background of Integrated Alliances?

Integrated Alliances was formed in 2003 and a lead generation engine for Mike O’Neil’s telecom career. He was a telecom sales engineer and his reps. weren’t making quota. He set about introducing them to his past colleagues from related industries to drum up some business.

The engine was a weekly happy hour at a well-respected restaurant-bar named “Earl’s”, located just South of Denver. Mike and his reps would sometimes pick up the tab, throw out some appetizers and then the size got too large. Soon 30, 40, 50 people would show up and there wasn’t room. A dedicated space was needed.

A layoff got in the way and this launched Mike’s networking event operations in 2003, with regular networking events that even included sponsors. A large holiday party with 740 attendees and a live band set it off nicely in December 2003.

Soon, Mike joined LinkedIn and was asked by others for help. Soon they became clients and one hire Mike to train the local branch of a national a recruiting organization. They asked for a follow-on class and the world’s first LinkedIn training operations were born with LinkedIn 101, 201, 301 classes and branches around the country.

Now, in 2015, Integrated Alliances is focused on coaching executives, consulting sales and marketing management and training teams of sales reps on LinkedIn social selling and LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

What does Integrated Alliances do for individuals?

Integrated Alliances provides 1-on-1 coaching programs for individuals, entrepreneurs and business owners. They usually start with LinkedIn and expand into wherever the individual needs the most help. Much of the focus is on building your business.

What does Integrated Alliances do for companies?

Integrated Alliances works with companies to align their sales and marketing plans for social selling success.  This means marketing gets consultation while some executives might get some 1-on-1 LinkedIn and social media coaching. In the end, most clients prefer a complete LinkedIn program to get their sales team(s) get trained up and supported as they learn to increase their LinkedIn and online selling activity.

What does Integrated Alliances do for professional associations?

Integrated Alliances helps professional associations by speaking and training at their events, both in-person and virtually. We help recruit new members, retain existing members and sponsors.

Who is a part of Integrated Alliances?

Integrated Alliances is led by Mike O’Neil, The LinkedIn Rockstar™; an internationally recognized Social Media pioneer, Forbes Top 50 Social Media Power Influencer and highly acclaimed LinkedIn and Social Selling authority.

Mike is joined by a team that provides marketing consulting, messaging and led generation campaigns, develops strategies for automated marketing and content management and much more.

Getting Help

Call Integrated Alliances at 720-897-8254, email us at or Click Here to schedule a free 20 minute call with Integrated Alliances Founder Mike O’Neil.