Integrated Alliances LinkedIn Connector Campaign Service

The Integrated Alliances LinkedIn Connector Service is ideal for clients who want to include LinkedIn in larger scale marketing operations, they seek to be fully in control of their communications and they enjoy investing as little as possible.

What makes this campaign service different from the others?

The Connector focuses on getting clients connected with top targets, leaving the the post-connection work to the client. This service has the lowest cost, includes the least amount of services and it has the lowest commitment.

What education and coaching services are included?

The Connector Service utilized self-help education in the form of InfoGuides and recorded videos covering profiles, settings, searches, Inboxes and basic campaigns with and Sales Navigator. It also includes 1-on-1 coaching sessions to fill in the gaps and train clients on, Sales Navigator and campaign operations.

How does the campaign targeting work?

Targets are determined in the coaching sessions and it is dynamic, adapted over time. A 6-month targeting plan is implemented one month at a time allowing targeting adjustments to be made along the way. Industries are targeted in “blocks” of about a dozen industries each (e.g. manufacturing, marketing, medical) vs LinkedIn’s long list of industry options. See targeting details.

What is the invitation sending level?

The Connector invitation sending level is “medium”, with 400-500 invitations sent to new targets each month. This is a nice steady level for most clients.

How much screening is provided?

Targets are pre-screened for photos before being invited to connect. As even the most discriminating searches include some unqualified targets and and many are manually screened out in this process.

What post-connection message sending is included?

The Connector sends no post-connection messages. This element is up to the client and it is usually done in coordination with other marketing communications.

What is the client responsible for?

Integrated Alliances’ campaign duties are in getting clients connected with top targets. Once connected, the duties are all up to the client in this streamlined service. They may choose to send LinkedIn messages, email, call or use any other method of communication.

In a little more detail…

What campaign management help is provided?

A Google sheet helps Connector clients is provided to help manage campaign operations. It tracks important connections, responses, leads including email addresses and phone numbers. The data is populated by the client.

What does it cost and how long is the commitment?

The Connector service costs just $750 to get started. The monthly campaign fee is $500 and it has just a 3 month minimum commitment, when it converts to a month to month service.