LinkedIn Sales Navigator Program for Teams

  • Your sales team wants more and better leads
  • Some use LinkedIn well, others need help
  • Everyone can sell more with expert help
  • Put Sales Navigator to work for your team
  • Get a free “Sales Team Readiness Assessment”

What Can Your Data Reveal to You?

  • Do you feel that your sales team is taking full advantage of LinkedIn to find new customers and sell more to existing accounts?
  • How important is the productivity of your sales team to your bottom line?
  • How helpful would it be if LinkedIn worked as hard for your team as your CRM system does?
  • Are you aware of the built-in lead generation in LinkedIn’s flagship product Sales Navigator?
  • Integrated Alliances helps your sales team MAXIMIZE LinkedIn Sales Navigator to take sales performance to the highest level.

New to Sales Navigator?

CRM systems are the central nervous system of your sales efforts. Arm your team the powerful CRM-type LinkedIn capabilities in Sales Navigator.

They will love Sales Navigator’s “Big Data match up” technology that brings them new prospects every day.

A successful, stress-free move to Sales Navigator requires knowledge in sales and Sales Navigator. That’s where Integrated Alliances comes in

Sales Navigator Users…

You’re already aware of at least some of the things that Sales Navigator can do for you, like tracking Accounts and Leads. We take it further for more prospects and more sales. 

You team learns how Sales Navigator can deliver new leads every day like a machine, how to take precision targeting to extremes and how to use tools to get the job done better, faster, cheaper.

Integrated Alliances helps your sales team realize maximum benefits from LinkedIn using Sales Navigator. Our 8-step comprehensive training program covers ALL the bases, from profiles to account-based selling, and it delivers a sales team that is fully equipped to blow away sales numbers.

The Integrated Alliances Difference

Sales Navigator is a merging of LinkedIn and CRM systems and it requires special skills that can only come from decades of LinkedIn and “in the trenches” sales experience.

With 15 years in technology sales and now 10 years as a LinkedIn sales trainer, Integrated Alliances CEO and Founder Mike O’Neil has the sales experience LinkedIn Sales Navigator experience and the curriculum to take your teams selling success to the next level.

A 2x Forbes Top 50 Social Media expert, Mike is the world’s 1st ever LinkedIn trainer (2006) and Sales Navigator Trainer (2015) and the 10th person to reach LinkedIn’s 30,000 connection limit (2009).

The Integrated Alliances Difference

Learn how your sales team can most effectively put LinkedIn Sales Navigator, with all its CRM-type powers, to work for them. Get a free “Sales Team Readiness Assessment” in a 30 minute session with Integrated Alliances CEO and Founder Mike O’Neil.

In this short session, you will learn:

  • How ready your team is for LinkedIn-based selling
  • Where to look, how to find prospects with Sales Navigator
  • How to eliminate time-wasting steps to get qualified leads
  • What should never do or your account could be closed
  • How to find key decision makers at your top prospects
  • When it’s OK to connect with a stranger and when it’s not
  • How to get a stream of leads even with a small network

After we learn a bit about your team and answer these pressing questions, we can discuss how the steps in our comprehensive LinkedIn Sales Navigator Program fit in with one another to take your sales success to the next level.

What others are saying...

"Integrated Alliances delivered a LinkedIn program for our team of tech-savvy telecom agent channel partners. They now use LinkedIn and Sales Navigator techniques they learned to sell more of OUR services every month. I first hired Mike O’Neil to train my sales team over a decade ago, 20 reps in a crowded boardroom with laptops and minds wide open."

CEO/Founder, OTG Consulting

"We saw what others were doing with Sales Navigator and how Integrated Alliances was helping them so we contracted them for a full-scale Sales Navigator program with consulting, profiles, a workshop, webinars and even user support. Before, we had a team with a wide range of abilities, now we’re all at a very high level, all on the same page, all finding new customers with Sales Navigator."

CEO/Founder, Statêra

Get a free “Sales Team Readiness Assessment”

Integrated Alliances helps your sales team MAXIMUM LinkedIn Sales Navigator to take sales performance to the highest level.