So, just how much “Real Estate” do I have to work with on my LinkedIn Profile?

I had a project recently to find out just how much space we have to work with in each field on LinkedIn. It lets you know where the lines are drawn and that can help a lot in making you most visible.  We always suggest that you create and maintain your master LinkedIn profile text in MS Word and then cut and past the text into LinkedIn.

So, just how much space does LinkedIn give you in a profile anyway?  I did a little testing and here is what I found:

Picture – 85 pixels by 85 pixels (after cropping) using a professional photo
Headline/Header – 120 Characters
Summary – 2,000 Characters (about 2/3 of a printed page)
Specialties – 500 Character
Company Name – 90 Characters
Job Title – 100 Characters
Job Description – 2,000 Characters
Education Activities and Societies – 500 Characters
Education Additional Notes – 1,000 Characters
Custom Web site URL Tag (Other) – 30 Characters
Interests – 1,000 Characters
Groups and Associations – 1,000 Characters
Honors and Awards – 1,000 Characters
Contact Settings – Lots, but no way to effectively tell how many – really

A fully optimized Profile is one of the keys to being found and helps you find new opportunities using LinkedIn.  So, we’ve developed the IA LinkedIn® Workshops and Webinars to teach you how to craft an extremely effective LinkedIn profile, how to begin building your network, how to avoid the numerous LinkedIn pitfalls, how to search for people and resources and how to BEHAVE on LinkedIn so you don’t get in trouble.

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