LinkedIn Training Formats

The Integrated Alliances LinkedIn and Sales Navigator training programs are available in a variety of formats and they are specifically dsigned to work well with one another. Choose the format that best meets your audience requirements.


The most effective (and most popular) LinkedIn training format is the hands-on workshop. Attendees can bring a laptop and implement things they learn “on the fly” during specific time-out lab periods. The instructor will answer questions 1 on 1 during these periods. This format is often seleted when the team is local or when there is a periodic gathering where ther will already be together. Workshops are typically 1/2 or 3/4 day events.

A workshop may be teamed up with a post-training webinar that addds a more topics and answers user qustions from the original training event. Users often run into unexpected things when they dive deeper into LinkedIn and ratchet up their activity levels.

For shorter presentations, like 1-hour, the topics are higher level and more strategic. Details can be left to the On Demand training material or be simply be left out.


When the team cannot be assembled live in a room, the webinar format is quite useful. Typically a training program delivered using a  webinar format will be completed in 2-3 sessions of about 60 minutes each. There is much to cover and the “how to” part really matters in such a training. With the On Demand training videos, a single session can be delivered and the details can be pushed to the videos.


Integrated Alliances has recorded video training modules based on this very same training material and they are available at where you will find an 8-lesson sampler and the full 32-lesson Navigating LinkedIn program for $149. This On Demand training works well in conjunction with the live trainings as it lets attendees pay closer attention to the instructor, increasing retention.


Each format and program is supported by three 4-page LinkedIn InfoGuides (PDF) that cover LinkedIn profiles, LinkedIn Sales Navigator and LinkedIn campaigns. This prep material helps attendees get better prepared for the program and it opens up the live perods to focus on more engaging material.


The integration of these formats and tools is the sweet spot and the reason that some clients choose the more robust “Comprehensive LinkedIn Program” from Integraded Alliances.