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As LinkedIn grows, so do the number of people that show up in your search results, hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, more…

Since you can only see the first 1000 results, it’s helpful to split up searches into “segments”.The LinkedIn Industry filter. is ideal since it is a required field and is Mutually Exclusive. Everyone MUST have an industry and they can have ONLY one industry.

LinkedIn has 147 Industries and it isn’t easy to sort through them online (especially on To help, we created a LinkedIn Industry List that you can manipulate in Excel or Google Docs.

We use this with our coaching and campaign clients as we work on targeting together. We are now giving it away to anyone that wants to improve their searches.

Grouping LinkedIn Industries

The power of the Industry filter is simplified when similar industries are grouped together. Sales Navigator users enjoy a new “exclude” feature.

To help our clients craft better searches and save time, we analyzed all 147 LinkedIn industries and divided them into similar groups or categories:

Business Services, Consumer, Education, Financial, Food, Government, Manufacturing, Marketing, Medical, Real Estate, Staffing, Technology, Transportation, and Travel & Entertainment. 

LinkedIn Campaigns

This information is especially useful in systematic LinkedIn campaigns, where you might reach out to a large number of people on LinkedIn with invitations and messages to stir up some business.

To save time and plan better searches and campaigns, get the Industry group list in Excel. Consider booking a free 30-minute call to talk about your plans.

Alphabetical Industries List

Categorized LinkedIn Industries List

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