Putting LinkedIn Sales Navigator to Work

for executives, entrepreneurs, owners, sales teams

Individuals | Entreprenuers

Executives, entrepreneurs, business owners and revenue producers get a new presence, fine-tuned hunting/farming skills with coaching from Integrated Alliances

Companies | Organizations

Companies and organizations with teams, members and attendees get suited up for selling success with LinkedIn, CRM, Social Media and time saving 3rd party tools

Coaching Programs

Entrepreneurs, executives and business owners face lots of challenges – sales, marketing, operations, cash flow, partnerships, time management.

Integrated Alliances fixes this with intimate 1-on-1 coaching to solve problems and deliver a profitable, predictable, streamlined business so you can enjoy life at the top.

Established in 2003, Integrated Alliances has extremely relevant experience, wide ranging capabilities and close partnerships that will get to your goal faster and further

Training Programs

Revenue producers face extreme challenges in every step of the sales process. The new buying process means customers demand solutions, partnerships from vendors.

Integrated Alliances helps your direct sales team and channel partners farm existing contacts and hunt for new prospects using LinkedIn Sales Navigator and special time saving techniques and tools.

20 years working on sales teams and 10 as an expert sales trainer help IA Founder Mike O’Neil educate your team in unique ways, boosting sales performance.

Speaking Programs

Audiences demand a mind expanding experience with easy to implement ideas that generate results. An exciting speaker makes events memorable, brings them to life.

2-time Forbes Top 50 Social Media Expert Mike O’Neil delivers invigatoring performances that inspire audiences – fresh, new, relevant, highly visual.

Topics include “Navigating LinkedIn“, “Accelerating Sales Success with LinkedIn“, “Navigating LinkedIn Lead Generation Campaigns” and “The Social Media Crystal Ball