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Events are for audiences and the right keynote speaker can really make or break an event. An address that entertains is great but one that open minds and educates is even better. A keynote by Mike O’Neil does all this and a lot more.

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Are you in charge of finding the next speaker for your company or association event? Are you looking for a topic and speaker that will entertain your audience while opening their minds to new ideas? Want to provide real and practical instruction which can benefit your business?  

Today most people are on social media, but do they know how to effectively use it to further your business. This is especially true with LInkedIn, the world’s #1 B2B social media platform used by 500,000,000 business professionals.

In the past, employers told employees to stay off social media during work. Now employers are embracing it and, at times, encouraging their teams to use social media to support corporate business operations, find new customers, new employees and build awareness.

Today, everyone spends more and more time online, but real and practical instruction is less and less available. Particularly from conference keynotes that tend to entertain and not educate. 

With an Integrated Alliances keynote you can entertain your audience, open their minds to new ideas where the learn useful things they quickly put into action – all at the same time.

Be the standout event host and give your audience a keynote that is rich in action oriented material, hip instruction and practical real world help. It will make you the hero of your event.

Today, people are “who moved my cheese?” with all the changes in social media. The do it yourself learning approach is less and less effective. Conferences and events with educational speakers are a terrific way to address and fix this growing problem.

What if you could have a speaker that clears up the confusion, entertains your audience and sends them off better prepared to tackle these challenges?

Well, you can.

Mike O’Neil, the CEO and Founder of Integrated Alliances, is just that person and he can really light up your event. For over a decade, Mike has been a leading LinkedIn and social media industry expert, a keynote speaker and a LinkedIn trainer. He is a true futurist who sees what is coming, knows what to do about it and shares this knowledge to help audiences get a competitive advantage as a result.

Forbes recognized Mike’s unique skills when they twice awarded him with a their much coveted “Forbes Top 50 Social Media Power Influencer” award. They value experts with experience, creativity and the unique ability to share it with others and they publish this elite group of industry experts for everyone to see.

Integrated Alliances has keynote address for most audiences. Choose the topic that fits you audience best. Each can be adapted to your specific event and audience requirements.

Navigating LinkedIn

Audiences who use LinkedIn at any level will appreciate the unique insight and actionable items delivered in this highly educational presentation. They get excited to use LinkedIn more, they get a simple roadmap for doing so and they reap the benefits.

Accelerating Sales Success with LinkedIn

Audiences with revenue responsibilities want more business. They want the latest tricks on how to find/engage customers to increase sales, boost margins and shorten sales cycles. THey learn how in this address sprinkled with “How To” elements.

Navigating LinkedIn Lead Generation Campaigns

LinkedIn is an amazing tool for lead generation. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is even MORE amazing, packed with CRM-type features that take it to the next level. This address teaches BOTH to audiences of hungry revenue producers.

The Social Media Crystal Ball

Audiences of all types will learn big picture concepts that open their minds to the future of social media, websites, blogs, CRM systems, mobile devices/apps and more in this highly entertaining address that gets the audience thinking about the future. All addresses include special 4-page Linkedin InfoGuides that show the “Hot To” elements presented in the presentations. This lets the material focus more attention on higher level issues and it makes them much more visual.