LinkedIn Team Training

Mike O'Neil
CEO, Integrated Alliances

Service Overview

Integrated Alliances training starts with a robust curriculum designed for revenue producers. They learn, Sales Navigator (most) and special techniques to find and engage top prospects for create new business opportunities.

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We should provide more flexibility, based on insight, to better meet your needs.

Make LinkedIn more efficient and more productive for your team as they face extreme challenges in every step of the sales process. Help them fill their funnels with qualified prospects. Today’s buyers demand solutions and partnerships from their vendors. For many, margins go down and quotas go up, making it harder and harder to stay ahead of the curve. As a sales manager, channel manager, executive or business owner, you want a sales team that brings in sales and doesn’t waste time doing it. Is your team effectively using LinkedIn to generate leads? Are ALL of them? Build a powerful lead building machine with LinkedIn training from Integrated Alliances. Add LinkedIn Sales Navigator to really light a fire. Integrated Alliances helps your direct sales team and channel partners hunt for new prospects effectively using LinkedIn, Sales Navigator and special lead generation techniques. They learn special time saving techniques and are introduced to tools that make them more effective. The bottom line is they bring in more deals. Your team learns how to farm more business from existing and former clients, working with new divisions and territories to sell additional products and services that go with those you’ve already delivered. The presentation materials are highly visual with beautiful, yet simple, slides. They are customized to your specific audience and industry. Stories and examples make it engaging, relevant and focused on your team. Examples and analogies from the industry make it most relevant. Multi-session programs include step-by-step “How To” instructions and live demos with audience participation on the most important elements.

Delivery Methods and Types

It makes no difference where your team is (location) and it does not matter who your team is comprised of (employees or partners).

  • IN-PERSON TRAININGS (workshops) are super high energy events. Sessions are typically 90 minutes each. A basic ½ day program has 2 sessions (morning or afternoon). A full day program that adds more CRM functionality and marketing topics typically has 3 sessions (e.g. 10am, 1pm, 3pm).
  • REMOTE TRAININGS (webinars) work very well for dispersed teams. A single session is more of an overview of LinkedIn (and perhaps Sales Navigator) at  60-75 minutes. Make it more effective with multiple 60 minute sessions  that include more material and spread it out a bit (e.g. Friday Noon). 
  • CHANNEL PARTNER TRAININGS (workshops or webinars) build closer relationships with those that bring you deals and customers. Choose a live session at a planned gathering or event. Choose remote sessions to include more people and hold it any time of the year. A great use of MDF and COOP funds.

Corporate Programs

Make it more even effective at the corporte level with a comprehensive training program featuring a corporate social media assessment, marketing strategy calls and maybe a rousing address at your annual events. Learn more.

Make it more effective at the user level with individual user LinkedIn assessments, a professionally-written LinkedIn profile for attendees to model after, post-training Q&A webinars and ongoing end user support.

Qualified Instructor

With 20 years of experience helping sales teams (internal teams and partners) as a sales engineer and 10 years working as an expert sales trainer, Integrated Alliances Founder Mike O’Neil teaches your team as only an “insider” can. The bottom line is higher sales, bigger margins and stickier customer relationships.

Set up a call to discuss your team and see how an Integrated Alliances LinkedIn training can get them performing at a much higher level to close more deals.