Comprehensive Training Program

Integrated Alliances comprehensive LinkedIn training starts with the LinkedIn training curriculum for revenue producers. It adds a suite of services take it further to deliver the most effective program possible and deliver maximum results.

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Comprehensive Training Program

If LinkedIn is central to your sales efforts (or should be) then you need the full meal package, an Integrated Alliances Comprehensive LinkedIn Training Program.

Face it, 95% of your customers and top prospects are on LinkedIn. You want your business leadership and entire sales team to be “in the game” and utilize LinkedIn to create relationships with them. But, where do you start?  

It starts by looking good – LinkedIn company page; leadership and sales team LinkedIn profiles that make your brand attractive to visitors.

Then, your team needs to learn how to effectively use LinkedIn and/or Sales Navigator to make the connections with top prospects and partners. 

The Integrated Alliances comprehensive training program makes this possible and it is delivered in a carefully crafted package of training and companion services that deliver maximum results.

This program hits the sweet spot, especially for an audience of 20-100 very well. Larger teams are evaluated very carefully – split up or delivered via the web. This comprehensive training program can also be provided “a la carte” (with a few caveats).

Here are the major components…

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Integrated Alliances assesses your company and its affiliates everywhere they are visible on on LinkedIn – company page, groups, graphics, text, postings, other assets. Your LinkedIn Company Page is like a website and corporate address book and it needs to be accurate. Learn which team members show and those that do not. Then true it up 1) identify who appear as they should 2) who appears but should not and 3) who is missing. Then we set out together to fix it. This is a good example of a high quality LinkedIn Company Page and associated graphics.

This is an example of a LinkedIn company page that could be improved upon. See the difference? In our planning sessions, we teach you how to do the “who’s in, who’s missing and who shouldn’t be there” analysis and help you get everything up to date.

Go ahead, find your LinkedIn company page, take a look, see what it shows. Click on the link to see who appears.

It will looks something like this:

2. We teach you our specia

We teach you our special 10-point LinkedIn evaluation technique so you can see where you stand, both overall and at the individual level. It focuses on their LinkedIn profile and their network size.

This assessment helps you understand where your team is starting from and it helps guide the details of the training curriculum. We can even do this assessment FOR you.

Use this assessment as an incentive to get team members to improve their LinkedIn profiles and build their networks. Sales folks are competitive and they will want to undoubtedly improve their numbers. Post the scores and announce that you will be doing a rescore at a later date so they improve their profiles and networks. Offer an incentive to improve their scores.​

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Integrated Alliances can create a model LinkedIn profile to help the team improve their profiles. They use it as a template and copy/paste relevant sections from it. This also helps speed up the pace of the training sessions. Here is an actual Integrated Alliances client example. Notice the impressive background image that was provided by the company. 

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Business people in meeting on conference call[/caption]

The Integrated Alliances team will have several calls with management to plan the specifics of the training – audience, topics, current issues, etc.   

5. Integrated Alliances delivers

Integrated Alliances delivers a rousing and super-informative LinkedIn training to your team, focused on LinkedIn for sales.

Most clients choose to implement Sales Navigator and take advantage of its added features and CRM-type functionality. This advanced version of LinkedIn is highly recommended, but it is not required. The training can be delivered to an audience where some attendees have Sales Navigator and other do not.

The training itself can be delivered three formats:

  • In-person Workshop, typically ½ day or ¾ day in a series of two or three 90-minute sessions. It sometimes coincides with a planned team gathering like an annual team kick off or a quarterly meeting.
  • Webinar Program, typically delivered over 2-3 sessions, 60-75 minutes each. Most clients choose the same day and time on consecutive weeks (e.g. Fridays at Noon). The sessions can be recorded.
  • Keynote Address, typically a 1 hour address that is often part of a larger event like an annual or quarterly gathering.

6. Integrated Alliances hosts

Integrated Alliances hosts a post-training call with sales management and/or marketing to answer questions and plan for follow-up training and support.

7. In most cases,

In most cases, Integrated Alliances will deliver follow-up 60-75 minute webinar to review material already presented, add some new topics, provide unlimited Q&A for attendees.

In the case of a keynote address, this may be the BEGINNING of a multi-part training program with additional webinars that follow.

8. Integrated Alliances provides

 Integrated Alliances provides personalized LinkedIn support for the team typically for 30-45 days. User support requests are submitted via email and responses can come in many formats, sometimes in calls with screen shares.

SUMMARY: These components combine to deliver the MOST EFFECTIVE training solution possible for your team. Pick and choose the elements that you want and need then we will customize them to your specific requirements.