Do It Yourself Campaign Coaching

LinkedIn offers a Do It Yourself LInkedIn coaching program that puts you in the driver’s seat, with full control. Learn all the intricate “ins and outs” and apply them to reach your top targets and start conversations that lead to new business.

Most business relationships today start with a 1-on-1 conversation. It’s the role of marketing to get the attention of top prospects and begin conversations. Today it’s harder than ever.  

Integrated Alliances LinkedIn campaigns create conversations using a systematic process to find and engage your top prospects from LinkedIn’s 500,000,000+ members. Taking advantage of this massive LinkedIn database, in the right way, gets you into in conversations that lead to business.

But, how do you do this?

When you decide to take advantage of all that LinkedIn campaigns can do for you and your business, you need as much knowledge as possible. You don’t want to spin your wheels and waste your time, do you?

Let Integrated Alliances coach and train you so you hit your stride and get measurable results as quickly as possible.

There are many paths to do this and few lead to the right place. Shiny objects are everywhere and they will bog you down if you don’t know which are useful vs. which are black holes that drain your time and energy.

Integrated Alliances Do It Yourself LinkedIn campaign coaching cuts to the chase and shows you precisely what you need to know to find and engage your top prospects. It saves you time and keeps you pointed in the right direction.

Learn insider secrets developed over many years doing campaign work. We share our finely engineered processes and provide a wide array of special time saving templates.

Learn special 3rd party tools as we help you install and implement them, saving you even more of your precious time. This provides a reporting platform and significantly reduces errors.

Set up a call so we can discuss your business, your target market and share how you can utilize this special LinkedIn campaign process in your business.

If you don’t have time to do the campaigning yourself, check out our Done It For You Campaign Coaching