Done For You LinkedIn Campaigns

If you appreciate all that LinkedIn and LinkedIn campaigns can do for you, but you just don’t have the time to reap all the rewards. Integrated Alliances “Done For You” Linkedin campaigns may be the answer for you.

Most business relationships today start with a 1-on-1 conversation. It’s the role of marketing to get the attention of top prospects and begin conversations. Today it’s harder than ever.  

Integrated Alliances LinkedIn campaigns create conversations using a systematic process to find and engage your top prospects from LinkedIn’s 500,000,000+ members. Taking advantage of this massive LinkedIn database, in the right way, gets you into in conversations that lead to business.

Are you super busy with little time to spare?

Then Integrated Alliances’ “Done For You” LinkedIn campaigns are for you. The time consuming campaign work moves to the Integrated Alliances team. You focus on communicating with responders who express interest in hearing directly from you. We make it easy.

Do you have more time than money perhaps?

Then Integrated Alliances’ “Do It Yourself” LinkedIn campaign coaching may be the right fit for you. Find out more about DIY campaign coaching.


Done For You LinkedIn Campaigns by Integrated Alliances

The Integrated Alliances team serves you in sending LinkedIn connection requests to your top prospects – in the right area, with the right job titles, in the right industries, with the right amount of experience.

We take it further by sending welcome messages that get you into conversations with your best new connections. We can even send follow up “reminder” messages if they don’t respond to the initial post-connection message. It looks like this:

1 – Connection Request Message ► 2 – Welcome Message ► 3 – Reminder Message

LinkedIn Sales Navigator ($80/mo) is required to make the campaigns most effective. This provides 29 filters vs the 11 that offers. It can scale to very high sending levels whereas cannot, not even in the Premium version ($60/mo).

We discuss all the targeting options so you reach out to the right prospects using all the power and all the tricks.

Don’t worry, you’re not locked in. We adjust and refine the targeting criteria over time and we learn more and more about your targets.

Set up a call so we can discuss your business, your target market and share how Integrated Alliances LinkedIn Done For You campaigns can get you into more conversations that lead to more (and better) business.