This segment will give you ideas how you can use YouTube to get more exposure especially when combined with networking events. Having produced over 200 events of my own and attending thousands, I can shed a little light on this intriguing and timely topic for you.

I learned many of these tips at a recent Video Marketing Workshop put on by Jeff Mills in Minnesota.  I was already doing a lot with video, but I was missing some really simple yet important things. No more!

Making more money and having more fun is what most avid networkers want most.  Individual networkers have extra priorities.  No matter the reason, getting attention is one of the key drives to business success and Social Media can help a LOT. This post is about how YouTube specifically can be used.

YouTube LogoJust as LinkedIn is king for business, YouTube is king for video marketing. It’s that simple.  So, these tips are geared to YouTube, although many of the principles apply to Facebook, Vimeo, Screencast, others.

#1 – The person holding the video camera and/or in front of it is the one getting the most attention at the event and the one getting the most out of the event afterwards in many cases, especially with this ammunition.  Read on…

#2 – Come to the event equipped to take video and BE IN VIDEO.  Make sure your iPhone is not full (video takes a lot of space).  Wear something you want to be filmed in.  I little bit of glamor shot thinking helps, so bring a hair brush and other extras!

#3 – Bring whatever equipment you have to shoot video with, even if you don’t bring it all INSIDE with you – iPhone, Flip, Kodak or other camera.  Anything small that doesn’t require a tape.  Pocket video equipment makes for good conversation with others.  It makes YOU look like the expert.

#4 – Take some short videos at the event on your iPhone, Android, Flip video. A variety of them, including simple pans to use as “B Roll” – that extra footage that is used in transitions. (More on editing below).

#5 – Network with video.  The process of taking pictures is fun and a great way to meet people.  Those in the video may want a “copy”. Get their card, make a note on it and send them a link to the video. Find someone at the event to do an interview with you.  They get to be the expert and you set them up to look great. Trust me, they will be grateful.

#6 – If you upload to YouTube you can edit it there and even apply some cool custom effects.  This is really worth a look. The effects can be tested, added and removed at will

#7 – From YouTube, you can share the video to a Twitter account or to a Facebook personal profile, a LinkedIn Status update, a Blog post…

#8 – This video becomes the centerpiece of a blog post with the video provided by YouTube.  Name the YouTube video and include keywords in the filename, add the right keyword tags, include the guest name, your web site (http://…)  and see what that will do for your business.

#9 – Record a quick video from outside the event, with the front of the venue in the background.  Use the front facing camera on your iPhone so you can frame yourself and so the microphone is pointed to your mouth. No iPhone? Maybe your phone has a similar function.  You can show this video to others inside and get them excited to be included.

#10 – Create a YouTube Channel so your videos can promote your business.  This lets you add a background image much like Twitter and organize your videos into playlists.  Great for promoting yourself and your business.  Look at http://IntegratedAlliances.TV for an example of a simple, yet elegant YouTube channel.

Learn how to design and produce a promotional YouTube background image


A timed release of the video on YouTube really helps your viewership.  Most people will not be producing the video during prime business hours. So, upload it as “Unlisted” vs. Public.  Another option is Private.

An unlisted video is ideal for social media applications.  You can test it and primp it up and then “release it”. It can be seen by anybody that has the link so others can promote it even if it is not yet visible or searchable by the public. This lets you get it right before you go live.

Besides a name and a description, add Tags to the YouTube video.  Include some important descriptive things from the tip as well as the guest name (and company), the event name and the event host.  All of these become keywords.

Add a description to the video that includes the event name, event host, location, guest name and company, your name and company and some words about what is discussed. Make it about 2 paragraphs long on average.  Include a web site URL to direct them to (e.g.  The URL can appear at the beginning or the end of the description.