This LinkedIn presence 10 point scoring system may be just what you need to understand your team’s current LinkedIn abilities. One’s LinkedIn presence can be compared against a set of standards to give it a score. The profile is the centerpiece. This scoring process helps provide a status of the team, target focus specific areas and individuals for work and identify natural leaders. These questions are worth 1 point each, for a total of 10 points:

  1. Does their profile exist and does it have a headshot picture?
  2. Has the headline information been updated or improved from the LinkedIn default?
  3. Have they been posting status updates, ~1 per week or more?
  4. Do they have 500+ direct connections?
  5. Do they have a summary in place (anything at all)?
  6. Is the summary “built out” and worded in the 1st person?
  7. Do they list any contact information on the profile – phone, e-mail?
  8. Does the current job show and is it properly linked to the company page?
  9. Do they have 5 or more LinkedIn recommendations?
  10. Do they belong to 5 or more LinkedIn Groups?

This simple 1-10 system will help give you a baseline on where your team sits re: their LinkedIn presence. It is useful to assess the team PRIOR to a training and then again after the sessions is complete and the team has had time to act upon what they have learned.

This assessment is part of many of the LinkedIn and social selling programs that we deliver at Integrated Alliances. To learn more, call 303-683-9600 and we can discuss your team, your market and how we can help you score more business.

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