The New LinkedInAfter reviewing LinkedIn’s desktop redesign of a LinkedIn’s member profile, it appears some features will be going away – bye bye LinkedIn features. So what has been deleted? 

Specific Profile Sections

Twitter Posting

When you share your posts, you were able to Tweet about the post at the same time. In reality, this feature was never really that useful. The links were usually ugly and the tweets were often malformed. You wrote the message to fit on LinkedIn, not on Twitter after all.

tweet when sharing

Relationship Section

For Advanced LinkedIn users, the relationship section was a built-in CRM. It provided a place to input notes, seeing your messages to that individual, categorize them through tagging, know the date you connected, and even set reminders. It is my belief the deletion of this section is being done to push users of this feature to LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator program.

relationship section

Viewed Statistics

When you looked to see who viewed your profile, you were greeted with a dashboard which provided statistics on number of profile views, projected views and actions you have taken on LinkedIn. This will now be condensed into number of profile views and if that is an increase or decrease from previous week.

profile statistics

Advanced Search

While you are still able to searches and filter your list, you will have less filtering options available.


I’ll dive deeper into Advanced Searches in an upcoming blog. 

In Summary

With a redesign, we often say goodbye to standard features. The impact to you will be based on how you use LinkedIn.

This is a review is based on an early tester’s profile. Roll-outs happen in stages. Some of these features may appear back on LinkedIn in the upcoming months, especially if members demand them.

If there are things that negatively affect your use of LinkedIn, be sure to contact them. There is a Feedback link found on your LinkedIn home page. 

We Want To Know 

No its Bye Bye LinkedIn features, at least for a few.

Tell us what features will you miss most?  Let us know in the comments below.