Getting Help from LinkedIn via Trouble Tickets and Twitter

Getting Help from LinkedIn via Trouble Tickets can be either very complicated or very simple. If you need help from LinkedIn, the LinkedIn trouble ticket system might be a great place to get a resolution. If you’ve worked at a large company, you might be familiar with this sort of process with your internal IT […]

Big Redesign and Change in LinkedIn Profiles

That’s right – a big change is coming to LinkedIn profiles with its new desktop redesign! LinkedIn is hoping to increase member usage with this clean, centered and condensed design borrowed from the LinkedIn mobile application.In fact, the primary menus are nearly identical. Here’s a quick look at some of the changes when viewing profiles. […]

Bye Bye LinkedIn Features

After reviewing LinkedIn’s desktop redesign of a LinkedIn’s member profile, it appears some features will be going away – bye bye LinkedIn features. So what has been deleted?  Specific Profile Sections Interests – this is disappointing as LinkedIn wants us to network more. They tease us into inviting people. With this gone we have little knowledge […]