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Integrated Alliances (IA) has sophisticated LinkedIn and Social Media Programs for Associations. We actually began life as a B2B member association itself with monthly networking events, educational events, a big holiday party, monthly newsletter, volunteers and a big web presence. We know associations from the inside and out.

IA has extremely refined LinkedIn & Social Media programs to offer associations including programs that incorporate your sponsors to make them more affordable. The programs come in a variety of formats that are optimized for annual, monthly, educational, recognition and sponsor events.

Industry Knowledge

Integrated Alliances is led by Mike O’Neil, The LinkedIn Rockstar, a Forbes Top 50 Social Media Power Influencer, a Top 50 LinkedIn cost connected individual and one of the world’s top LinkedIn and Social Media leaders. Mike has trained and consulted with hundreds of individuals, businesses and associations all over North America.

In our programs, association leaders will discover new ways to make LinkedIn and Social Media work for them so they can build their membership, retain existing members, attract audiences to events and identify/secure sponsors.

Association members learn how to put LinkedIn and Social Media to use in their business most effectively to sell, market and recruit. They receive special insight that lets them move beyond the competition in just a few months.

Providing Value

Associations must constantly provide value that attracts and retains members and event/education-related activities are commonplace. Coming up with compelling events is an on-going process, one that has associations always looking for the new, unique and hot topics. Members and sponsors have limited budgets for memberships and sponsorships.

This is where Integrated Alliances comes in with its super-exciting LinkedIn and Social Media speaking and training programs. This is a super-hot topic that is taught in a unique and engaging way that simplifies LinkedIn for associations, attendees and corporate sponsors.

Variety of Formats

Integrated Alliances has the format you need to maximize the time spent with your audience. From 30 minutes to a day-long training, there is something that is bound to stick out as best for you. Consult with us about your event and audience. The best solution might even be a combination.

Speaking at Association Events

Mike O’Neil is an accomplished keynote speaker with unique areas of expertise to offer. He speaks on the sales, technology and future of it all. Besides a keynote, Mike can deliver a spot-on address in a breakout session, luncheon or dinner event.

Workshop Training at Gatherings

Associations like educational events and so do their members. An Integrated Alliances LinkedIn hands-on workshop is a great option. Here members bring their laptops or tablets or they double up with another attendee. The sessions are longer and everyone is online, making actual LinkedIn updates at designated Lab-type intervals in class.

To provide extra value to the association and to their sponsors, the curriculum can lead attendees specific LinkedIn groups and we can teach making recommendations of the association, right in the class.

Webinar Training for Everyone

National and international associations have large annual and periodic events attracting thousands, but they must mostly rely on smaller local and regional events. More and more they are looking for virtual events, as it is difficult to get people to travel to a distant event. It’s both a matter of cost and time away from the office and family. Virtual events like Webinars can solve many of these problems.

A Webinar is available to members no matter where they are located. They can be opened up to potential members, like in a marketing, outreach or retention program. Webinars may be recorded for replay and for viewing by those that could not attend.

Learning Accelerators

To make the sessions most effective, we provide Learning Accelerators that let the live program stay fast-paced and not get bogged down in “How To” details. They include:

Corporate Partnerships

Many professionals associations have corporate sponsors and partnerships that help fund their operations, events, trainings and other association programs.

Integrated Alliances’ LinkedIn and Social Media programs are ideally suited to such sponsorships and partnerships with benefits that are unique to the sponsor, the association and the attending member.

Corporations invest in their teams and they are used to paying for training services. Those training revenue produces know that the investment in their people can be closely tied to new revenues and a quick ROI. Associations do not enjoy a direct ROI correlation, being more cause-driven and less revenue driven (as it should be).

Training Solution

The solutions methods and each have their own merits and there are countless variations available. In some cases, a mix of formats might be the best solution, e.g. a keynote followed by a webinar.

Sponsor involvement

A corporation could sponsor an association’s training session and receive a wide array of benefits for their generous action. The sponsor will be recognized both in event marketing as well as directly in front of the audience. The sponsor may also address the audience prior to the training even and a list of student attendees can even be provided to the sponsor.

Special Discounts

Integrated Alliances is pleased to support the educational process and reduce its training fees to the association by as much as 50%. In exchange, we will request a list of attendees, extra co-branded promotions to your members and/or other considerations.

As a reward to sponsors, Integrated Alliances will make the same 50% reduction in fees available to them should they wish to take conduct a special LinkedIn session for their firm on the same trip. A Webinar may be substituted at the same 50% discount.  

The Process

The process is pretty simple and it really takes advantage of your existing relationships with sponsors and corporate members.

The Association approaches potential sponsors with the idea, perhaps including this document. Integrated Alliances has a call with each interested sponsor to map out a custom program based on these and other ideas. The results…

The Association gets the session they need, usually a 1-hour address or webinar or a 3-hour hands-on workshop.

The sponsor receives the same special Associations pricing for a session attended by employees, partners, others. The format could be any of the presented options.

The association and sponsor sessions must be scheduled on adjacent days so there is only one in/out trip, reducing expenses for everyone. Extra days of per diem expenses are required.

The sponsor is appropriately recognized in the Association session and they may address the audience at the beginning if they choose.


If you would discuss this new program concept, please call e-mail us at Training@IntegratedAlliances.com or call 720-897-8254 to schedule a call. We would be happy to map out a custom program that does exactly what you would like.


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