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If you own or run a hemp or cannabis related company and want to improve your business opportunities, let’s chat.

I’m Mike O’Neil, a 2x Forbes Top 50 social media expert, a decade long LinkedIn expert and I’m your gateway to creating relationships with other hemp-cannabis industry executives and influencers. 

Quite simply, I provide LinkedIn coaching and campaign services for hemp and cannabis entrepreneurs and I’d like to help you experience more success with the help of LinkedIn.

I’ve been helping many of your peers already and this knowledge can be yours. To top it off, I have lots of important industry connections, contacts, friends, partners, customers and more.

Picture yourself atop a LinkedIn network packed with business owners, entrepreneurs, media types, experts, influencers and more – all from different parts of the hemp and cannabis industries.

These new “peers” can help you, guide you, partner with you and bring you more business.

I coach you on what you need to know about LinkedIn and a lot more. We look at you, your company, your target market and your “circle” and craft an action plan for engagement.

It’s “Do It Yourself” LinkedIn coaching for some and a “Done For You” LinkedIn service for others where we:

  1. Identify your top hemp and cannabis industry targets on LinkedIn
  2. Get you connected with the very best on LinkedIn
  3. Begin a conversation with them on LinkedIn, note their email address

You take it from there using LinkedIn, email, phone, events – you name it. We don’t need to find these folks. We know who they are and how to get you engaged with them.

If this fits you, let’s schedule a call to discuss what is possible. It’s free LinkedIn consulting from an expert. Coaching programs start at just $500.


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