The Importance of Music & Social Media

You may be asking yourself, “What is the connection between music & social media?” Music is the universal language that unites us in the world regardless of our many differences. Music raises our social consciousness.  It helps us reflect on happy or sad times. Music empowers us. Thanks to social media platforms like: Photobucket, Twitter, […]

How to QUALIFY a Social Media Expert or LinkedIn Expert

There seems to appear a new self-proclaimed expert, Social Media Expert, LinkedIn Expert or Twitter Expert about every hour or two. They shout it out, present what might be their first Webinars or presentations and seem to forget that the world can see whether or not this is true. One’s profile and network are among […]

LinkedIn Data Field Lengths revealed

So, just how much “Real Estate” do I have to work with on my LinkedIn Profile? I had a project recently to find out just how much space we have to work with in each field on LinkedIn. It lets you know where the lines are drawn and that can help a lot in making you […]