What happens when you get 24 #LinkedIn Experts in the Same Room?

(EDITOR’S NOTE: This post is from one of our Rockstar Team members, Petra Fisher following our 10th Anniversary Celebration in Denver CO the last week of November, 2012) 21 #LinkedIn Tips from 7 Experts Three weeks ago I made a whirlwind trip from Amsterdam to Denver Colorado to share the stage with social media experts […]

10+1 Ways to Promote Your Event with LinkedIn

Integrated Alliances (IA) started life in 2003 a a B2B networking events company. It was the same year LinkedIn launched and years before the term Social Media was even coined. IA still hosts a large Holiday event every year and each of these techniques is used to promote the event that is now in it’s […]

How to Build and Promote your LinkedIn Company Page

I recently engaged in a discussion on the LinkedIn Company Page Beta Testers group. We’re discussing upcoming features and talking about who is interested in testing them. As people raised their hand, some included the name of their company, others just said yes. First things first, I recommended that people include a link to their company […]

10 + 1 LinkedIn Tips for Channel Professionals

Channel professionals can do lots to help themselves, their companies and their partners by using LinkedIn. In layman terms, Channels refers to the process of having companies and individuals, not employed by your firm, represent your products, sell your products and deliver/install your products. Best Buy is a channel partner for HP.  Bob’s computers may […]

10+1 YouTube Video Tips for Networking Event Attendees

This segment will give you ideas how you can use YouTube to get more exposure especially when combined with networking events. Having produced over 200 events of my own and attending thousands, I can shed a little light on this intriguing and timely topic for you. I learned many of these tips at a recent […]

★ Use Special Characters in LinkedIn Profiles to Fit In and Stand Out

Here is a clever LinkedIn Profile Attraction Strategy that you may have seen but not thought about using yourself.  This form of “visual Search Engine Optimization” dates back over 5 years actually. It was 2007 and George Bush was President. We were teaching another LinkedIn 101 Hands-on workshop at the University of Denver. These were […]

When is it time for a Social Media Make-Over?

Your Social Media presence grows every day.  You do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING and thousands of people enter your LinkedIn network, handfuls follow you on Twitter, somehow people find you and invite you to be friends on Facebook. For some, there are even subscribers filling out forms on your Web site, commenting on your blog, pinning your […]

Integrating LinkedIn with In-Person Networking Events

This is one of 40 LinkedIn lessons from the Integrated Alliances U LinkedIn Sales Training Program for corporate sales teams.  While it’s definitely slanted to sales, it makes a lot of sense for ANYONE that networks both in person and on-line with LinkedIn. Networking in person is a wonderful way to forge strong business relationships, and […]

How To Spot a Fake LinkedIn Profile

How do you spot a fake LinkedIn Profile?   That’s a great question! We highlighted this particular profile on the show… Angelina Jolie. Aside from the fact that the real Mrs. Jolie would not likely join 50 LinkedIn groups, there is NO information other than a college. The system asks when you open an account […]

How to Sell Yourself Short (and tick off potential customers)

Note: The Name of “My Connection” has been changed to protect the innnocent.  And, he is innocent. So many people just don’t understand how to interact with other professionals in a space without a human face in front of them… I thought I’d share this dialog to help those who are interested in learning more. […]