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About Mike

Mike O’Neil is a 2-time Forbes Top 50 Social Media Influencer and sits atop the exclusive 30,000 LinkedIn connection summit. He authored the book “Rock the World with LinkedIn,” an early blueprint for optimizing your LinkedIn presence for business.

Since the earliest days of LinkedIn, Mike has been coaching, training, and speaking on LinkedIn and eventually Sales Navigator for B2B sales. He has taught over 500 LinkedIn sessions.

Mike now helps businesses in and out of the hemp industry (coaches, entrepreneurs, executives, and sales teams) design, launch, and run LinkedIn-Sales-Navigator-based campaigns for lead generation, partner recruitment, and more.

He speaks on the impact and future of social media and he educates audiences on LinkedIn and Sales Navigator up to the very highest levels.

Office  720-897-8254

About Hasan Ali

Hasan Ali is a Lead Generation Specialist on LinkedIn and a Sales Navigator Champion.

Hasan has helped business owners and agencies fill their pipeline with high-value leads that turn into clients/customers. He was the technical editor on the book “Affiliate Marketing for Dummies” where he talks about digital marketing strategies and how to relate them to businesses. Hasan has also been involved in numerous LinkedIn projects for companies, advising them on B2B LinkedIn strategies using Sales Navigator.

Currently, Hasan is helping coaches consultants, entrepreneurs and agency owners across all Industries generate leads using Sales Navigator and special systems and tools developed with Integrated Alliances.

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