Fast Track LinkedIn Campaign Coaching Program

Up and Running as Soon as Possible.

We can accelerate your campaign coaching program and get the sending kickoff started in a few weeks if you want to “pep it up” a bit. We do skip some topics, but they can be revisited later if need be. You just won’t learn as much along the way. Note that there are no frivolous topics.

Getting Ready

  • Profile updates, settings
  • Sales Navigator Account
  • Create content for messages
  • Prepare message text – 4 to 6 total

Sales Navigator Training Components

  • Quick tour of important areas
  • Searches – Deep dive on Sales Navigator searches
  • Target Management – Tags, Lead Lists
  • Scrubbing and approving people on Target Lists

Campaign Tool Training Components

  • Dashboard and Tour – main page, important subpages
  • Systems – scheduling, turning it all on/off, pausing/restarting campaigns
  • Creating your first campaign – loading in the text and searches, setting the timers
  • Creating additional campaigns – cloning previous text, adjusting campaigns, running them
  • Working with Inbox and Responses, adding someone back, removing someone
  • OPTIONAL – Dealing with the data – CSV, Google Sheets, Zapier, data feeds

Next Call

This expedited program lets you push the non-essentials off until after the sending operations are underway and running smoothly. THEN we can address some of the more “optional” elements.

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