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LinkedIn industries are paramount in identifying who and what you are looking for on LinkedIn and Sales Navigator. The LinkedIn industries have been relatively unchanged since 2003, but that has changed. 

Where there were once 147 official LinkedIn and Sales Navigator industries, there are now over 400, including a whopping 80 in manufacturing.


These LinkedIn industry updates have launched in LinkedIn profiles, Sales Navigator searches, and LinkedIn Company Pages. They have yet to launch for LinkedIn searches, at least not yet. 

This LinkedIn Industries listing has the following columns:

1) The current name of the LinkedIn Industry

2) The LinkedIn Industry Category from among 13 options

3) The # of North American results from Mike O’Neil’s 30,000-person network

4) A simple abbreviation for use in naming larger campaigns

5) The former name of the LinkedIn Industry – pre-400+, empty means a new industry


This LinkedIn Industries List has TABS at the bottom that show it sorted:

1) by name

2) by Size and Name

3) by Category and Name

4) by Category and Size

5) by Size

View it online or download/sort/edit/manipulate it all you like.

To help, we have grouped the 400+ Industries into 13 broader Categories to streamline the planning process for applications like outreach campaigns. It’s easier to zero in on “Technology” or “Transportation” or other industries and save time in planning and outreach. 

Questions Remain

Many questions about LinkedIn Industries still need to be answered by LinkedIn. Can people be in more than one LinkedIn Industry? How does LinkedIn populate these new Industries? 


You may find your LinkedIn Industry is no longer an option in your profile settings. This detail still needs to be resolved by LinkedIn. Your LinkedIn Industry name appears to be just text, with nothing selected. You can’t save it. If this is you, pick a different industry and use the list to help. Pre-existing Industries or those with many results are best.

Getting the Most Out Of The LinkedIn Industries List

LinkedIn Industries Strategy Guide – This PDF download has strategies to take advantage of LinkedIn Industries.

LINK TO THE PDF (When ready)


LinkedIn Industries List – This XLS download has the new LinkedIn Industries Lists(s).


We update this LinkedIn Industries List regularly as LinkedIn makes changes (and they often do), so download the LinkedIn Industries List (with an email) and get notified when there are important updates. We just added the # of search results, for example.

If you appreciate this level of attention to detail and would appreciate some expert LinkedIn help, book a call with Mike O’Neil. At Integrated Alliances, we help individuals and teams with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, LinkedIn outreach campaigns and systems to zero in on specific types of prospects.

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