We get you in meaningful conversations with the people you most want to do business with – clients and partners. We start with the vast LinkedIn database to deliver a truly unique lead generation experience.

One size does NOT fit all. We teach “Do It Yourselfers” the secrets of LinkedIn-based campaigns. We work together in a “Done With You” manner or, if you just want results, we have a “Done For You” program. We’ve got you covered.

You will enjoy a steady stream of new connections and leads using LinkedIn and Sales Navigator combined with our special software applications, strategies and techniques. Our proven innovative system combines LinkedIn and Email messaging to stir up conversations. Your CRM is fed campaign data automatically. Have a partner or a small team? Let’s discuss a larger program that serves the needs of everyone.

The start-up cost is $1,500 – $3,000. Monthly service is $500 – $1000/mo.


We guide you through the essentials to get started down the best path for you.


Professional Profile

We wrote the book on LinkedIn profiles – twice actually! Learn what profile areas matter most for active outreach in 2022.

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Precise Targeting

We are experts on targeting with LinkedIn Sales Navigator with its awesome searching and laser-focused Lead Lists.


Message Sequence

How you look (profile) and who you target work in concert with what you say in your messages – across LinkedIn and email.


Xtreme Campaign Targeting

We make extreme use of a technology called “Boolean” to provide amazingly accurate results. You know a bit about this already (OR, AND commands). 

We go further and create special lists and scrub unwanted targets that slip in. Optionally, you can scrub anyone you like (e.g. people you already know). You have 100% control over who you engage.

Industry-focused Campaigns

We use LinkedIn industries to hone in on your targets by segmenting campaigns into smaller components. Your messages will speak to the audience in their own language. The 147 official LinkedIn industries are carefully placed into 14 business sectors as shown for campaigns.

The Combined Power of LinkedIn
and Email Unleashed

We get you connected and in conversations with your top prospects using a unique blend of LinkedIn and Email Messages. Our nurturing, integrated messages sequence goes 5, 6,or 7 messages deep. Our sophisticated software systems have safeguards so you don’t get caught off guard.

CRM Systems Integration

Our special campaign systems deliver current contact data of new connections and responses for your CRM and other systems – Name, Company, Title, Location, Email, Phone. Choose a CSV or data feed delivered directly into your CRM, in near real time. Here’s another super time saver for busy sales professionals.


Integrated Alliances campaign services are truly multi-dimensional, spanning LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, Email, Phone Calling and even CRM systems (opt). Special in-house software systems integrate this activity under one umbrella.

Targeting and communications begin on LinkedIn where a connection is made. Then they alternate back and forth between LinkedIn and Email to begin a conversation.

Responders are singled out for further action and they are removed from all automated sending so you can engage them with a more personal approach.

 Our special software systems bring the increased LinkedIn and Email activity into a special Inbox with graphics and reporting that help keep your campaign activities on track.

STEP 1 – Coaching and Preparation

You can be as involved as you like in the campaign process. Maybe you enjoy getting under the hood. We can show you how to do amazing things with campaigns. Maybe you really just want results. If so, relax. We’ll take on more tasks and work with your assistant, if you have one.

In any case, we ensure you have all the LinkedIn, Sales Navigator and the Inbox knowledge you need so you can 1) tell us who you want to reach out to and 2) respond to the campaign leads.

Special time-saving templates and quick-start tools get you up and running quickly. If you have an assistant, they can play a role and we will train them on their duties.

Coaching is done over Zoom or Skype. Together we use your LinkedIn account as we look at the live accounts of others that are further down the road with the process. 

Preparation Components 

  ♦ Profile – We provide optimization help, profile “writing” is $500-$750

  ♦ Targeting – Super precise searches and lists you can scrub

  ♦ Messages – Writing assistance, LinkedIn, Email, starter templates provided

  ♦ Google – Special Gmail, Google Toolbar, Folder, Docs, Sheets are used

  ♦ Google Doc provided for collaboration on each

STEP 2 – Campaign Launch

With your updated LinkedIn profile, scrubbed Sales Navigator target lists, LinkedIn and Email messages and technology all in place, we launch your campaigns across LinkedIn and Email, looking out 60-90 days. We monitor your launch closely and make adjustments so campaign results arrive in just the right formula for you.

STEP 3 – Ongoing Campaigns

Ongoing campaigns are segmented by location, industry and company size so they can consistently deliver leads to you. Once the campaign launch is complete and campaign sending is fully underway, the monthly campaign fees begin.


You can be involved in your LinkedIn campaigns a little or a lot but you probably don’t know enough right now to know where you stand. You don’t have to.

The selection of an ongoing program can wait until the launch so you fully understand what is involved and can make an informed, strategic decision on how much help you would like.

The cost for ongoing campaign support service ranges from $250 to $1,000 per month. There is a 3-month minimum term to ensure you are able to see the returns. You can move to a lower-cost service as you and your team take on more responsibilities and become more self-sufficient.

The ongoing campaign operation costs vary based on your individual needs and they are affected by 1) the campaign tool selected, 2) the features to be implemented and 3) the level of list scrubbing help you request. It is different for everyone.


Done FOR You Campaign Support, $750 – $1,000/mo

This top-level concierge-type service shields you from the campaign complexities. LinkedIn coaching continues with 1-on-1 calls as needed. We keep the campaigns running smoothly with newly scrubbed targets. You manage the campaign responses and that’s about it.

Done WITH You Campaign Support, $500 – $750/mo

We operate your campaigns together with you and your team pick up some of the routine duties. You receive as much training, advice and support as you need. This approach lets you create new business processes that include CRM, email, phone and more. Services include strategy, support (, Sales Navigator, Google Docs/Sheets, campaign systems, LinkedIn data feeds), trend analysis, short-term and mid-term campaign planning and creating and answering trouble tickets.

ON-DEMAND Campaign Support with Monthly Call, $250/mo

Eventually, you may only need a lifeline of support for unplanned issues, exceptions, risk avoidance, tech support, creating and answering trouble tickets. This service level covers, Sales Navigator, Inboxes, Searches, Google Chrome/Docs/Sheets and campaign systems and includes one scheduled monthly call.

 Matthew Todd

Mike and his Integrated Alliances team really lit up my EOS Implementer coaching business with LinkedIn Sales Navigator lead generation campaigns. I can speed things up or slow down my funnel as I need. They keep me ahead of the game and I never lose momentum. I’ve added an assistant because I am so busy.


Paul Muchulas

Integrated Alliances is a key to our corporate lead generation as well that of our best customers. Their LinkedIn marketing campaign service and management systems are simply outstanding. They help me build powerful relationships with hundreds of business owners and executives at companies.


LinkedIn Corp. does not endorse the use of ANY systemization tools.
They are technically forbidden, as is sharing your LinkedIn login credentials or inviting people that you don't know. All of these are commonly ignored by users, especially those in sales-type roles. Still, you must be aware of the potential risks.

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